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By DJ T-Wayne

Let DJ T-Wayne help you create the soundtrack to your special moments, while bringing unforgettable energy to your dance floor with a day that you and your guests will never forget.

DJ T-Wayne is best known as a “Marquee” DJ that also provides Sound, Lighting, and Video for events all across California. With his passion for music and production perfection, DJ T-Wayne comes highly recommended for his exceptional service and attention to detail. He personally handles & executes each event, making sure that you receive high-quality service and personal attention! With many years of experience performing weddings, corporate, nightclub, and celebrity events, DJ T-Wayne is your absolute choice for a memorable time at your wedding. Making sure that your day goes as smooth as possible, DJ T-Wayne is committed to helping you choose the most appropriate music, to coordinating the schedule with your planner, and of course to DJ on the day!  Click here for Testimonials.

About DJ Services


DJ T-Wayne will have background music of your choice playing while your guests are being seated. If your wedding ceremony is in a different area from your wedding reception, we will provide an additional sound system with microphones upon your request; for an additional fee.  


DJ T-Wayne will provide enjoyable background music when your guests arrive. The style of music will be tailored to your request and can range from smooth jazz, rat pack, ballads, oldies, or anything you feel your guest will enjoy this hour.


DJ T-Wayne will provide non-stop background music for your guests to enjoy while they eat and socialize. Wireless microphones will be available for toasts, blessing, or special announcements. 


Your first dance is a very special moment that will be remembered for many years. DJ T-Wayne will get your guests attention to the dance floor when any spotlight dances or special moments take place. 


Now it's time to party!!! DJ T-Wayne will get everyone dancing by playing the perfect blend of dance music catered to the age range of your guests. As a DJ, reading the crowd is very important. DJ T-Wayne's 20 years worth of training and experience with live events, will surely win over your guest and definitely keep the dance floor alive!!

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Tony (DJ T-Wayne)

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Food For Thought...

What "value" does a professional disc jockey & entertainment service provide to your wedding or special event? Have you ever attended a great party? What was it that made it better than other events? The food? The photographer? The flowers? Usually, it's the entertainment, Yet a survey reported that only 4 to 6 percent of a couples wedding budget is allocated for the most important element, the entertainment. Most brides and grooms will struggle to keep their wedding costs low and maintain a reasonable budget. As the surveys have determined, guests will remember your entertainment at your wedding reception, more than any other single item (See wedding cost chart above). After looking closely at the survey results, keep in mind that the choices you make for your wedding reception entertainment are critical. Do not trust this day to just any wedding dj or entertainment company. Call DJ T-Wayne Today!

Events Options/Up Grades

Want to add a special touch to your event? Make sure to add some Up-lighting, have your custom Monogram and wedding date in lights, or show your wedding video montage on one of our video projection screens! To view all additional Audio Visual Services click Here.


What is Event Up-lighting?

Up-lighting can be the perfect accent to your wedding celebration. Imagine the reaction of your guests when they enter your reception hall and are fully engulfed in a world of brilliant color. Up-lighting is without a doubt the single most visually powerful lighting technique available today. Up-lighting can turn any room with unadorned walls, into a unique and colorful venue. If coordinated well in advance, these color schemes can be used to bring out the colors of your event! The colors can match your bridesmaid dresses or flowers. Our Up-lighting can be used to bring out features on Walls, pillars, statues, high windows, plants, cake table and more.

How does Up-lighting work?

Up-lighting is the art of painting with light to create a truly magical background by literally flooding your event space with colored light. You can turn an ordinary banquet hall into a truly unique and vibrant entertaining space. LED Up-lights are a series of small unobtrusive lights that are placed around the outer perimeter of your banquet room. These lights are pointed towards the ceiling, against walls or pillars and provide an elegant glow that truly encompasses your banquet facility. The lights can be set to any color that will greatly enhance the ambiance of the room in a very elegant way!

How do you operate your Up-lights?

All of our LED uplighting fixtures are controlled wirelessly using specialized computer lighting hardware & software. This provides several key advantages:

  1. Our uplights have the ability to instantly change to almost any color. This gives us total creative control over how the lighting enhances and blends with your wedding theme and venue architecture.
  2. We have limitless control over light intensity allowing us to create soft romantic settings that are nothing short of amazing.
  3. Our clients can choose a static color that is used during cocktails and dinner and then once the dancing starts, our uplights make the room come alive by transforming into a color light show.

Gobo/Monogram Lighting

What is a Gobo and what does Monogram Lighting mean?

gobo (or GOBO) derived from "Go Between" or "Goes Before Optics" is a physical template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light. The ones we use come in either steel or glass form and can be customized to outfit your event. We have many designs to choose from that are made to order from an outside source. These Gobos can be the bride and groom's names or initials; also with the wedding date if you prefer. We also have pattern Gobo's that create what we call "wash lighting" to give your event space a unique look and glow. The Gobo is emitted through either a Leko, Moving Light, or Projector and can be projected on walls, ceilings, tents and dance floors. We will help you choose the perfect lighting design for your event! 

Video Projection

Have a video montage you want to play for your guest at your wedding?

Adding a video projection package to your event is a great way to showcase your video montage to your guest. Your guest will enjoy a clear and crisp picture on "the big screen" which will leave an ever lasting impression of your event that they will never forget. We offer many different options/packages for video projection. We have high lumen output projectors and a varity of screen sizes to choose from. Give us a call and we will help you choose the right package for your event!